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Our Story

Home is where your heart is!

We at My Grown Home believe that your home is not just a roof over your head or a place for you to live. It's not just an investment property that you can buy and sell. And it's not just about pleasant design, being cozy and looking cool. 

No, what's missing from all this and the one thing that is always overlooked when creating your home is this... "Your home represents your soul".

If at the very core of your being, you don't feel welcomed where you rest your head, you will never feel at home. Sure your body and your possessions may have an area to be placed at, but the one who has to experience those thoughts and feelings, you, will always be left with a subtle sense of something missing.

This sense of belonging and making yourself feel welcomed every time you enter through your doors is why we created My Grown Home.

We have taken the key principles of minimalism, that is, the intention promotion of things that you will value, and combined that with beautiful design and product usability to source only the most interesting and useful products around the world that will make you feel at home everytime you enter. 

It's been a long journey for us to finally feel at peace everytime we enter into our own homes, and we would love to share that experience with you so you can feel that same sense of belonging and inner peace. Ultimately its a journey, not a sprint and I hope that together, you can grow your home with us!

Thanks for joining us on this journey and congratulations on taking that first step to growing your home with us!


Your friends at My Grown Home