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SofaMagic Elastic Sofa Cover

SofaMagic, the easiest and most convenient way to repurpose furniture that you already own, so easy it’s like magic!

Are you looking for ways to turn an old couch into something brand new? Do you find yourself constantly looking for ways to liven up your home? Did you buy a brown couch only to realize that you actually needed a white one (oops!).

We also experienced these same problems and knew there had to be a solution. We searched and searched until we discovered the solution. We couldn’t believe how easy, fast and affordable it was… the SofaMagic Elastic Sofa Cover!

Our SofaMagic Elastic Sofa Cover are so easy to use. Simply place over your couch of choice, tuck in the edges (make sure there is some gap for our foam sticks for optimal quality) and voila! A brand new sofa, ready to use. Change up the decor of your home with ease, turn your old furniture into brand new ones and of course, impress your friends!

Navy SofaMagic Elastic Sofa Cover



Check out our quick and easy tutorial below!

And if you’re still not convinced, our SofaMagic Elastic Sofa Covers are:

Made from High Quality Fabric: SofaMagic is made from 92% Polyster and 8% Spandex and has a smooth soft feel and extremely easy to care for.

Combination of Durability with Affordability: SofaMagic is only made with the top materials and maintains strict high quality standards. This combined with it’s modern look and affordable prices make SofaMagic’s Elastic Sofa Cover a tough offer to pass!

Great Sofa Protector and Slip Resistant: Especially for homeowners with pets or children, this sofa cover protects your furniture so it always stays brand new! Whether it be dust, stains, wear and tear, SofaMagic’s got you covered!

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